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Shopping in Hodal

Hodal is a small village in Palwal district of Haryana. The town offers all the civil amenities to its citizens. There are no big market places or huge malls in Hodal. The city about 50 years back was self sufficient in fulfilling the needs of its residents. the market was dominated by the Baniya community. Till date also the town is self sufficient.

Shops in Hodal

Where to Shop in Hodal ?

Hodal is a small town fulfilling all the basic requirements of its residents. There is nothing much special to shop from Hodal. but all the basic requirements are easily available in the markets of the Hodal. There are few markets having the major numbers of shops. Old G.T. Road, Gadheeya Bazar, Main Bazaar and Sarafa Bazaar. Sarafa Bazaar is largely known for its jewelry shops.

General Stores in Hodal

General stores are the most in demand stores in any town. The general stores sell all the daily need items. The keep all household items like toiletries, bakery products, eatables, confectionary etc. The general store these days also provide free home delivery service. There are few general stores in Hodal which are sufficient in meeting the demands of all the households in Hodal. Here is a list of all the general stores in Hodal.

Khandu Ram General Store
Address - G.t. Rd Old Sabji Mandi Hodal, Palwal HO, Palwal - 121102
Phone Number - +(91)-9813774355

Mohit Kirana Store
Address - Nagpal Saikil Ke Paas Main Bazar Hodal, Palwal HO, Palwal - 121102
Phone Number - +(91)-9813700600

Pahunga Confectionary
Address - Gadheeya Bazar Hodal, Palwal Ho, Palwal - 121102
Phone Number - +(91)-9813825099

Radhey Shyam Raman Lal
Address - Main Bazar,Hodal, Palwal HO, Palwal - 121102
Phone Number - +(91)-8930067506, 9896135384

Readymade Garment Shops in Hodal

Both be it women, men or children all remain conscious with regard to dressing. They prefer wearing the latest trend clothes. There are few readymade garment stores selling the different kinds of stitched garments for men, women and kids. A number of local and international brands are selling their best of outfits. One can find a wide variety of readymade garments including western, traditional wear etc. There are dresses for different occasions for different people according to their choices. Here is a list of readymade garment stores in Hodal.

JAI Sidh Baba Garments
Address - Near Anaj Mandi, Birmanand Market, Hodal, Faridabad - 121106,
Phone : +(91)-8685850086, 9813298818

Life Style Readymade Garment
Phone : 9991252597
Address : Banke Vihar Market, Shop No-29 , Hodal, Palwal .

Deepak Bansal Garments
Phone : 9813262706
Address : Garhia Bazaar, Hodal, Palwal .

Raja Ram Garments
Phone : 9728190041
Address : Garhia Bazaar, Hodal, Palwal

Sunny Garments
Phone : 9991541101
Address : Sabji Mandi, Old GT Road, Hodal, Palwal .

Footwear Stores in Hodal

Hodal is a small town in Palwal district of Haryana. The people are very cordial and simple. Hodal was once the part of Brij Bhumi. The birth place of Lord Krishna. The culture and traditions of Hodal are inherited from the era of Lord Krishna. The people here celebrates many different festivals with great joy. Foot wears these days are the major part of dressing. A wide variety of footwear are available for different occasions. There are footwear available for parties, sports, formal functions etc. A wide variety of these footwear are available for men, women and kids. Here is a list of footwear stores in Hodal.

Banti Boot House
Phone : 01275646166
Address : Purani Sabji Mandi, Hodal, Palwal .

Bharat Boot House
Phone : 9466667886
Address : Main Bazar, Hodal, Palwal .

Gayalal But House
Phone : 9416739671
Address : Old GT Road, Hodal, Palwal .

Mahesh Boot House
Phone : 9812310090
Address : Main Bazaar Sabji Mandi, Hodal, Palw

Mehak Foot Wear
Phone : 9992237989
Address : Ghariya Bazar, Hodal, Palwal .

Agrawal Boot House
Phone : 9416736300
Address : Main Bazar, Gaya Lal Market, Hodal, Palwal

Pradeep Boot House
Phone : 9416406493
Address : GT Road, Hodal, Palwal .

Sandeep Boot House
Phone : 9991173201
Address : GT Road, Hodal, Palwal .

Sweet Shops in Hodal

The people living in Hodal are no less foodie than its neighboring cities like Faridabad and Delhi. People exchange sweets with each other on different occasions. A wide variety of sweets are available in the markets. The production of the sweets is all the more increased during the festive season. There are few sweet stores in Hodal selling good quality and delicious sweets. Here is the list of all the sweet stores in Hodal where one can satisfy his taste buds.

Baba Mathura Dass Sweets
Phone : 9992630034
Address : Village Khambi, Bus Stand, Hodal, Palwal .

Lakkhi Sweets
Phone : 9812362504
Address : Main Bazar, Hodal, Palwal .

Rawat Misthan Bhandar
Phone : 9812019134
Address : Nanak Dairy Road, Aggarsain Chowk, Hodal, Palwal .

Shree Madan lal Halwai
Phone : 9991540558
Address : Near Brahma Kumari Ashram, Word No.1, Hodal, Palwal .

Sonu Sweets
Phone : 9728339329
Address : Hodel, Punhana More, Hodal, Palwal .

Mobile Phone Dealers in Hodal

Mobile phones are the most important necessity of today’s world. Life today seems to be completely dependent of mobile phones. All the work can be easily and at an instant done using mobile phones. Surfing internet, paying bills, shopping, playing games, listening to music can all be done using a small mobile phone. The mobile web has covered mostly all parts to the world. Be it a small city or a metro city. Hodal is also not far from the influence of mobile phones. There are few store where one can purchase all latest variety of phones and can even get them repaired. Here is a list of all the mobile phone dealers in Hodal.

Shri Krishna
Phone : 9812352997
Address : Near Bharat Gas Agency, Hodal, Palwal .

Greendust Store
Phone : 7206817922
Address : Near Goyal Nurshing Home, Hodal, Pin Code: 121106, Palwal .

Bansal Mobile
Phone : 09812375184
Address : Godota Road, Anaj Mandi Ke Paas, Hodal, Palwal

BC Mobile Repair Centre
Phone : 09068013478
Address : Near Charan Singh Statue, Nanak Dairy Road, Hodal, Palwal

Choudhary Mobile Center
Phone : 9927089505
Address : Gahri Road, Hodal, Palwal .

Mangla Mobile Communication
Phone : 09992803999
Address : Punhana More, Nayi Tehsil Hodal, Palwal .

Himanshu Communication
Phone : 09017173794
Address : Main Bazar, Hodal Khatil, Palwal .

Prem Communication
Phone : 9813658394
Address : GT Road, Opposite Upkar Cinema Building, Hodal, Palwal .

Furniture Stores in Hodal

Furniture are a major requirement of all the houses, offices and other institutes. A wide variety of furniture are now available in the market of varied ranges and varied variety. There are furniture made of wood, plastic, rot iron, steel etc. a variety of furniture like table, chair, bed, wall units etc. are much in demand and are readily available in the market of Hodal. Hodal though is a small town, but is self-sufficient in meeting all the demands of its residents. Here is a list of all the furniture stores in Hodal where one can all types of furniture.

Laxmi Furniture
Phone : 9466572380
Address : Opposite Upkar Cinema Old GT Road, Hodal, Palwal .

Saurabh Furniture House
Phone : 01275236207
Address : GT Road, Near Pathwari Mandir, Hodal, Palwal .

Yogendra Kumar Furniture
Phone : 9813769925
Address : Old Sabzi Mandi, Hodal, Palwal .

Ramkaran Jagind Door and Furniture
Phone : 9812340842
Address : Near Upkar Cinema, Hodal, Palwal .

Jewellery Shops in Hodal

Every Indian wedding or occasion sees a wide variety of jewelry. A women dressing is considered incomplete without matching jewelries. A wide variety of jewelry are available in the market with large number of designs. There are jewelry made up of diamonds, gold, silver etc. Since the price of gold and silver are rising at a tremendous rate. A variety of cheap jewelry in form of imitation jewelry is also available. Here is a list of all the jewelry store in Hodal

Agarwall Jewellery Bhandar
Phone : 01275235455
Address : Main Bazaar, Hodal, Palwal .

Anupam Jewellers
Phone : 9812236256
Address : New Sarafa Bazaar, Hodal, Palwal .

Ramnath Mittal Jewellers
Phone : 9416447758
Address : Sarafa Bazar, Hodal, Palwal .

Bhola Jewellers
Phone : 9992278281
Address : New Sarafa Bazaar, Hodal, Palwal .

Deepika Jewellery
Phone : 9416634040
Address : Sararfa Bazar, Hodal, Palwal .

Jain Jewelery
Phone : 01275235615
Address : Sararfa Bazar, Hodal, Palwal .

Girraj Kishor and Nanakchand Jewellers
Phone : 9813159698
Address : Sarafa Bazaar, Hodal, Palwal .

Harish Jewellers
Phone : 9416345246
Address : Garia Bazar, Hodal, Palwal .

Hemant Mittal Jewellers
Phone : 9416447758
Address : Sarafa Bazar, Hodal, Palwal

Jain Jewelers
Phone : 9416066651
Address : Sararfa Bazar, Hodal, Palwal .

Jever Mahal
Phone : 01275235781
Address : Saree Mahal, Hodal, Palwal .

Juganu Gold
Phone : 9812045191
Address : Sararfa Bazar, Hodal, Palwal .

Kaka Rajsthani Jewellers
Phone : 9416512102
Address : Sararfa Bazar, Hodal, Palwal

Kamal Jewellers
Phone : 9416448697
Address : Sarafa Bazar, Hodal, Palwal .

Kapoor Jewellers
Phone : 01275228084
Address : Main Sarrafa Market, Hodal, Palwal .

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