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About Hodal

Hodal is a small town and a municipal committee in Palwal district of Haryana. It is a Haryana Assembly segment within the Faridabad Lok Sabha constituency. Hodal is a small place which was once a major economic center. It was also the main settlement of Sorot Jats around 1500 A.D. Hodal is located near to Kaman, Rajasthan, at the border of Uttar Pradesh on National Highway 2 (India). It experiences extreme type of climate. The small town is famous for its few tourist locations. The main being the Chameli Van. The langar held on Guru Purnima at Tygi Baba Mandir is the main event held in Hodal and is visited by a number of tourists.

About Hodal
Chameli Van

Brief History of Hodal

Hodal was the main settlement of Sorot Jats around 1500 A.D. According to the beliefs three brothers of Sorot Jat clan had arrived in Hodal. The eldest one Ojhoo settled at Hodal , the second at Banchari, north of Hodal, and the youngest at Sondh, in northwest of Hodal. Hodal has its name in the history mainly because of Maharani Kishori, the first wife of Jat Maharaja Suraj Mal of Bharatpur, was from Hodal. It also has an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Krishna. Fifty years ago, Hodal was a big, self-sufficient village. The markets were run entirely by local baniyas. There were nearly 200 families of Mahajans residing there at that time. They settled here only after the British took over the town. They had come to Hodal from far-off places.

Geography and Climate of Hodal

Hodal is located at 27°53'39'N and 77°22'09'E with an average elevation of 190 meters. Hodal experiences extreme type of climate with hot summers and cold winters.

Tourist Attractions in Hodal

Hodal in Palwal district of Haryana is located near Faridabad, Mathura and Delhi. The most famous thing in Hodal is the Dabchick Resort. A number of people visit it every day. It is one of the famous weekend spot for the residents of Faridabad, Delhi, Mathura and many other nearby cities. The town is also known for its Panduvan, where five Pandavas are believed to have rested during their exile. Chameli Van is another favorite spot of the tourists in Hodal. The Sorot Jats occupied it around 1500 A.D. and since then it they have been its dominant residence. About fifty years ago the Hodal market is believed to be dominated by local baniyas. The village was then self-sufficient in taking care of its residents needs. The village experiences extreme type of climate with harsh summers, good monssons and cold winters. It is always advisable to visit Hodal during winters.

Chameli Van

It is an major attraction in Hodal. It is a sacred place and is dedicated to Lord Hanuman. A number of people from nearby places visit this temple on Tuesdays. Devotees offer bananas, chanas (roasted grams) etc. for hundreds of monkeys who stay around the temple. The place is also known for viewing birds. More than 125 species of birds have been recorded here.

Tygi Baba Mandir.

It is situated on highway NH-2. According to age old beliefs lord 'Hanuman' resides in this temple. Tygi Baba Mandir is famous for the fest of 'Guru Purnima'.

Dabchick Resort

Dabchick is a resort with a restaurant, motel accommodation located along highway NH-2. A large number of tourists come here every day. There is a beautiful lake.


At about 500 m from Hodal on Gorota road, is a memorable place where on Every Saturday people go for parikrama. Bagichi is on the land of Tihab Patti Hodal. So it is also called 'Tihab Bagichi'.


It is also an old temple in Hodal. It is believed that during the exile Pandavas rested here and worshipped Lord Krishna.

Temple of Sati Mata

It is a Historical Place built by the Maharaja Suraj Mal (King of Bharatpur). It is spread over an area of 10 acres. A Fair is organized here every year. Many peoples/ladies comes and Pray to God. There is a small pond known as Talab in local language.There are more than 1000 stairs in the Talab. Bathing in this Talab during the yearly held fest is considered sacred. It is also believed that many skin diseases are cured by bathing in this Talab.

Helplines and Important Contact Numbers

Hodal experiences extreme type of climate with very hot summers and cold winters. Hence winters are a better choice to visit Hodal. The best suited months to visit Hodal are from October to March.

Haryana Tourism Corporation Limited
SCO 17-19, Sector 17-B, Chandigarh-160017
Tel : 0172-2702955-57, 0172-2720437.
Fax : 0172-2703185, 2702783
Email : haryanatourism@gmail.com

Haryana Govt. Tourist Bureau, 36, Janpath
Chanderlok Building, New Delhi.
Tel : 011-23324910-11. Fax: 23713373.
Email : haryanatourism74@hotmail.com

Hotels in Hodal

Hodal is a small village known for few of its tourist places. Dabchick resort which is the only option available in Hodal for the tourist to stay, is also a very famous tourist spot having a restaurant, motel, a lake and many other attractions.

Dabchick Resort
Address : NH 2, Bhulwana, Hodal, Haryana 121106

Travel Agents in Hodal

Travel agents in Hodal provide for ticket booking for buses, railways and flights. They can also arrange holidays in different destination in India and across the world. Hodal is a small village and hence there are a very few touring agents. These tour and travel agents also offer a trip to Hodal, to have a luxurious visit to Hodal. They can also arrange the trips to nearby cities like Faridabad, Delhi, Mathura etc.

Somson Travels
Address: Upvan Market, Near by Tirupati Dharam Kanta, Hasanpur Chowk Hodal
Email: info@somson.in
Website: www.somson.in
Mobile: +91-8053778899 , 9991999200

Dheeraj Singh
Address: Punajab National Bank basement
Mobile: +91-9813688507

Transportation in Hodal

Hodal has its own Railway station (HDL). It is well connected with other cities by regular trains. The nearest airport is Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi with a distance of 86 km from Hodal. Buses can be easily availed from Faridabad and Mathura for Hodal.

Hodal at a Glance

Country : India
State : Haryana
District : Palwal
Languages : Hindi, Punjabi
PIN : 121106
Climate : Extreme climate

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